Business Intelligence (BI)

‘Information at your fingertips’ – that’s what we understand by BI. If we have done everything right, then you will have an instrument at your disposal which can be operated intuitively and which will generate all relevant information comprehensively in real time. And, as we know that every answer leads to a new question, you even can adapt/adjust the report interactively, allowing you to select products, stretch the analysis period, compare the sale regions, benchmark unit costs, report the top 10 sales partner and flag the bottom 20 in deep red. If you give us the choice, we highly recommend to use the software packages of Qlik and Tableau. We are solution partners for both of these top BI suppliers but we are just as happy to work with your strategic BI platforms or even on an Excel basis.

The scale of the projects is based on your requirement. Our range of services reaches from developing single reports to creating complex management dashboards for your smartphone or tablet. All of this is available in our ‘Advanced Reporting’ practice.

Another important element on the way to an ‘Information Driven Company’ can be provided by our ‘Knowledge Management’ practice. A term with broad interpretation, yet we have a precise definition: In a central repository in the intranet, the relevant vocabulary of your company or business areas (definitions, terms, rules and their exceptions) is structured and persistently updated. That is above all an organisational rather than a system technical, not to mention a data technical task. Furthermore, this information is being stored. That is the basis on which your reports are interpreted. How has the market changed? Is there a new, competitive product on the market? Has the exchange rate of the dollar changed? Has there been political upheaval in the sales region? Etc.

Knowing or neglecting this sort of information when interpreting a report separates the wheat from the chuff!