Data Consulting

Few years ago we helped companies to generate, merge and retrospectively analyse as much data as possible. In the meantime this business area has fundamentally changed. Companies can’t cope with the vast amount of data they are generating. Moreover, the majority of this data is generated in real time and without a data strategy in place. In order to make this data of any use to large organisations, we defined a new practice called Data Consulting. Real experts who help you to transform your business into a data driven business.

Our advisors from the ‘Data Protection and Data Privacy’ team lay out the regulatory framework that companies must adhere to when collecting, storing, processing and utilising customer data specifically for marketing and sales purposes. In this way we support, for example, the systematic implementation of the EU data protection regulations (EU-DSGVO), which will come into force for companies located in the EU in 2018. Our guys from ‘Data Quality Management’ introduce and secure data quality standards inside your company. This is a widely neglected discipline, to which we dedicate ourselves with enthusiasm calling our vast experience, because, as in the well-known saying, “Shit in, shit out”.

In ‘Data Modelling’ we make sure that the relevant information in the suitable granularity is available at the right moment for your business processes. This area designs interfaces and data-models, setsup ETL-processes and converts data warehousing solutions.